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Improvisation for beginners - four-week course


Nov 13

GBP 8000GBP 80.00


2022-11-13 2022-11-13 Improvisation for beginners - four-week course

Learn the basics of improvisation and story in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. 

These classes are a great way to make new friends, build confidence, laugh together and explore your creativity.

Improvisation is based on playful co-operation and being in the moment without being a perfectionist.

It's not stand up so you won’t be alone on stage. And you don't have to be funny, fast or clever - those things just get in the way. People are intriguing, delightful and quite often very funny without even trying.

So just come as you are, don't try too hard, and we’ll take care of the rest!

The way we teach improvisation at Here & Now is more about 'improvisation for the spirit' - for enjoying a life that is more creative, spontaneous, courageous and laughter-filled. There's no pressure to perform or be a performer (but if you do want to perform there are opportunities for that).

In this class we will play a few improvised games, make up stories on the spot and work our way into easy scenes where we explore the absurdities of relationships and what it means to be a human at large in the world. It's all geared towards being easy and fun, so if you don't like it you can have your money back :-)

Be aware: spending time with open-minded, open-hearted spontaneous people is seriously addictive!

What we’ll look at in this class

  • Being relaxed and settled in the moment
  • Noticing what other people are offering us
  • Accepting and building on other people's ideas
  • Creating easy stories and fun characters
  • Making each other look good
  • Stressing less, smiling more :-)

Our classes are open to absolutely anyone age 18 and over! Improv is for everyone so you don’t need any acting or improv experience to take part.

Coming to your first class or workshop can be daunting, but many of the best things in life come with butterflies. If you fancy trying improv, you really should give it a go (at least once)! If you want to chat contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Course details

This is a four-week course costing £80 and classes are not available individually.

Classes are on:

Sunday 13 November 10am to 1pm
Sunday 20 November 10am to 1pm
Sunday 27 November 10am to 1pm
Sunday 4 November   10am to 1pm

Tickets can be purchased here:

This course is run by Alex Menhams from Here & Now. 

Event Details
13 Nov 2022
10:00 AM To 01:00 PM
18 - Years
 Ufford Community Hall, Woodbridge, IP13 6BF Ufford Community Hall, Woodbridge, IP13 6BF - Map Directions