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Portrait Painting with Roger Dellar in Suffolk


Oct 8

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2022-10-08 2022-10-09 Portrait Painting with Roger Dellar in Suffolk
Discover the skills of painting portraits with oils and allow true character to emerge

It’s a revelation to watch how Roger Dellar teaches portraiture, treating the face as a landscape to be discovered and revealed.  His gentle teaching manner will encourage you to tackle portraits. He’s a master in helping others develop painting skills.

We have great models to sit for you.

Under Roger’s practical guidance you find poise and assurance in your painting as well as new creative observation.  Following the progression of a painting through the duration of the workshop means that you will have a firm understanding of oil techniques.

In his demos and tutorials Roger gives tips on how to compose and how to handle aspects of oil painting to make vibrant paintings, sharing his techniques for colour mixing, paint application, brushwork, tone, capturing light and unique character.  The immediacy of oil painting is exciting and rewarding; this course is suitable for all standards.

We will be working in the Art Safari Studio, where we will have refreshments and lunches to keep us fuelled.

The Art Safari Studio is on the quayside in the pretty market town of Woodbridge, Suffolk, with fabulous views of the Deben Estuary and its boats from the elevated deck.  The iconic Tide Mill is just a few steps away and the mysterious Anglo-Saxon burial site at Sutton Hoo is just across the river.

In the evening there’s the option to gather in a local restaurant or pub for a convivial Art Safari evening (dinner not included).

What to bring

All of the following are suggested only.  Please don’t go and buy unless you really want to try them.


  • Titanium white
  • Cadmium yellow hue
  • Cadmium yellow pale
  • Scarlet lake
  • Permanent rose
  • Ultramarine
  • Cobalt blue hue
  • Burnt umber

*Roger uses Winsor and Newton range and Winsor and Newton Alkyd white for fast drying (sometimes)


  • ZEST IT as a flow medium especially if going abroad as it has a high combustible rate and should be in an unopened bottled protected in the hold luggage.
  • OR half Damar Varnish half Linseed Oil


  • Rosemary Brushes do a Roger Dellar Bespoke selection (series 2. Evergreen Long Flat)
  • Palette Knife – in clean condition, metal either oblong or spade, not too small
  • Shaper

Ground to paint on

  • Acrylic Gesso Primed Boards; sizes from 8” x 10”/ 12” x 10”/ 12” x 12” are Roger’s favourite
  • Proprietory Panels (boards)
  • Canvas Boards


  • View finder
  • Towelling rag
  • Easel or photographic tripod & pochade box (Roger will encourage you to paint standing up)
  • Sketchbook
  • Oblong palate 16”x 12”approx. if no pochade box
  • Slider box for we oils, and panels will be taped together with corks between if no box
  • Solvent container

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Event Details
8 Oct 2022 - 9 Oct 2022
 01394 382235
 Art Safari Studio Ferry Quay, Tide Mill Way, Suffolk, IP12 1BP Art Safari Studio Ferry Quay, Tide Mill Way, Suffolk, IP12 1BP - Map Directions