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Stitch Back in Mari-Time


Apr 14

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2024-04-14 2024-04-14 Stitch Back in Mari-Time

Join Clare Perkins on Sunday 14th April for a fascinating talk on the history of the sewing needle.

The humble sewing needle has a long history dating back to Paleolithic times.

According to Chinese records, approximately 40,0000 years ago "the needle was considered as a tool for assassination, by being hidden under a sleeve and thrown at a victim on the spur of moment or even used as a weapon of self defence." Not such a humble tool at all it seems.

So whether used as a weapon or a tool, a sewing needle it seems, has its uses.

Discover the history of this humble object and what a helpful tool it is and has been over thousands of years, both for clothing and maritime uses.

Sunday 14th April, 2 - 4pm

The Longshed, Tide Mill Way Woodbridge IP12 1FP

Tickets £8.00. Book your ticket here! 

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14 Apr 2024
02:00 PM To 04:00 PM
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 The Longshed Whisstock's Place, Tide Mill Way, Woodbridge, IP12 1FP The Longshed Whisstock's Place, Tide Mill Way, Woodbridge, IP12 1FP - Map Directions