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Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum’s new Curator is after stories about the Mill and wants to build a team of volunteers to curate the Museum’s collection.

Recently appointed Dr Amy Jane Barnes comments “the Mill has an 850 year history over which time it has had many owners (including Henry V), fallen into disrepair and been renovated more than once. Hundreds of local people have been involved in running it, volunteering, milling, re-building, fundraising, supporting and visiting. We are keen to hear stories from anyone involved. These tales can be any length, true or rumour, first or second hand – anything essentially that will help define the Mill’s history for visitors.'

‘Collecting, recording and displaying the Mill’s collection will take effort so we are also seeking two volunteers to assist with the work, specifically a Volunteer Collections Care Assistant and a Volunteer Research Assistant. Job descriptions are attached and anyone interested should contact me on’.

Woodbridge Tide Mill Charitable Trust Chair, John Carrington adds “Over many years the Mill has gained, and lost, an unknown number of exhibits. Many are displayed in the Mill but we are keen to find any others. As important as physical artifacts are the recollections, anecdotes, and stories from those who have been involved with the Mill in the past. These are fleeting, often passing with their owner, but they can be priceless and need saving for others”.

Tide Mill Chair; John Carrington, 01394 384695

Tide Mill Curator; Dr Amy Jane Barnes,
Tide Mill volunteer; Simon Ballard, , 01394 383646