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Suffolk SketchFest 5, 6, 7 August 2022 in Woodbridge

Art Safari presents a new way of exploring our local area – through art!

Suffolk SketchFest is a new 3 day outdoor arts event on 5, 6, 7 August in Woodbridge, Suffolk, presented by Art Safari.

Open to anyone who would like to draw and sketch from nature, the event takes place on the River Deben with three full days of workshops, demos and drawing opportunities.


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“Suffolk SketchFest is about sketching outdoors. It’s about observing the natural world around us. As artists we use sketching to learn about our environment, to observe and appreciate it. We learn to see things we’ve never noticed before” says artist Mary-Anne Bartlett, one of the SketchFest team.

At SketchFest you can choose to attend tutorials and art demos outdoors on the river wall here in Woodbridge. Your tutors will teach the techniques that artists use to properly observe light, colour, tone, movement, and proportion.

The River Deben is a tidal river and is an area of outstanding natural beauty. It’s changing moods, tides and light are entrancing throughout the year. The constant presence and passage of birdlife makes the River Deben especially appealing for all lovers of nature.

Join SketchFest and learn to draw. No previous experience needed!


As practised outdoor artists your SketchFest tutors are well versed in seizing the moment and capturing scenes. They will show you and help you with several different subjects, from birds and wildlife to landscape and riverscapes, from modern buildings to the historic Tide Mill, from boats to people.

Local artist and art tutor Claudia Myatt added, “You can also experiment with different ways of working to expand your artistic practise further. You can be a beginner or experienced looking for new inspiration. You can be abstract, loose or you can find pleasure in detail. You can choose a workshop in watercolour, acrylic, print-making, or line and wash.”

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Cost: Registration £35 + £10 per demo + £15 per workshop.

Art tutors include Mary-Anne Bartlett, Claudia Myatt, Mark Boyd, Ian Sedge and Lorna Hamilton.

Delicious meals from The Table and from Cumberland Fish Bar.

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This project has been created by Art Safari and is part funded by the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB.