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Woodbridge Business Benefits.


From Only £180 per Annum
For only £3.46 per week (£180 per annum) the membership benefits are extremely competitive and provide a considerable opportunity to promote your business both locally and through the Choose Woodbridge Social Media channels. Engage with our PR and Social Media professionals to enhance your exposure

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Take a look at the benefits in membership

  • Listing Entry in the Website
  • Enhanced Entry on the Website
  • Social Media exposure
  • Promotion of Events and News
  • Members Networking Meetings
  • Members WhatsApp Group
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Manage your own web page
  • Secondary Category Listing
  • Facebook / Instagram

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How will it help you

Reach a potential 10,000 additional customers with your news, events and advertising.

Choose Woodbridge commitment to promoting Woodbridge and the surrounding area to businesses and visitors alike.

Promotion of tourism to the town in local and national platforms by our award winning PR company.

Inclusion on the Choose Woodbridge website regular postings to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photo and Video opportunities.

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Basic Membership

Basic membership is free but only includes:

  • A simple Listing
  • Short Description
  • Logo and cover photo

Only available to the following categories:

  • Non-profit Organisations
  • Public Sector

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