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Woodbridge Tide Mill has installed a micro-generator inside the Mill to demonstrate electricity generation from hydropower. The purpose is to educate and provide activities around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) themes for the many KS1, and KS2-3 students who visit the Mill.


The micro-generator takes its energy from the Crown Wheel Lay Shaft in the Mill. It is coupled to outputs such as phone chargers, a light bulb and a voltmeter so visitors can see the electricity generated. Key Stage 1,2, and 3 students will have accompanying materials to explain the process, the importance of sustainable energy sources and hands-on activities are planned such as simple circuit building.

AONB Micro Generator commissioning photo Simon Ballard 13 8 22 6348

Tide Mill Education Lead: Heather Sheehan comments 'I am delighted that we can use this generous grant to expand our educational offering. It is paramount that educators begin to teach children the importance of renewable energy sources and sustainability and these sessions will support teachers to do just that.'

Woodbridge Tide Mill Charitable Trust Chair, John Carrington adds “The Trustees of Woodbridge Tide Mill have declared a Climate Emergency and stand alongside Woodbridge Town Council and East Suffolk District Council in their ambitions to help build awareness of the importance of adopting sustainable energy sources. This project has been part funded by the Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Amenity and Accessibility Fund to whom the Trustees are most grateful”.

“We hope this project will show visitors sustainable ways that energy can be generated and reconsider existing behaviours to think about what changes they may be able to make to conserve the natural surroundings as well as consider how their lives can be enhanced”.