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An update on what the Woodbridge Camera Club have been getting up to over the past couple of months.

The Club’s new year stared off with an invitation from East Ipswich Camera Club to join them on Zoom for Talk by Tom Peck on “Architectural Photography”. Great images and insight into the subject.

Our first Club night was a practical evening on Flash Photography, members were recommended a selection of videos to watch and we then had a chance to set up and try out some new techniques, the ‘Rembrandt Triangle’ was quite elusive but we all had a fun evening.

Our most recent zoom meeting was presented by three members covering different areas of editing: 

  • Digital Noise and which software can reduce it.
  • PS Elements editing to enhance/ soften areas by using layers.
  • Sky Replacements using Photoshop.

We now look forward to the first Print Competition of the year at our next meeting.

Other activities planned for the year are a Phone-camera Challenge, an outdoor shoot at Walberswick, Creating AV’s and a live illustrated talk ‘Bears, Eagles, Glaciers and Humpback Whales’ by Derick Howes.

Details of the club programme are available here:

Golden dawn Debbie Waters

Golden Dawn. Photo Credit: Debbie Waters

Thinking Caps John Pollard

Thinking Caps. Photo Credit: John Pollard 

Prince David Bowie Sue Garrod 2

Prince and David Bowie. Photo Credit: Sue Garrod