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Woodbridge Tide Mill has been demonstrating renewable energy for centuries, and now, with the help of a grant from SHARE Museums East supported by the Art Fund, plans to spread the word.


The grant will allow it to establish an environmental student group which is interested in environmental issues.

The Mill’s Education Lead, Tassa Deparis is driving the initiative. Tassa says, “We hope the workshops will encourage young eco-warriors in the issues that matter to them. We want the legacy, the location and the active role the Tide Mill plays today to inspire them, but ultimately, we want the young people to have the opportunity to lead and have a voice in their community. We want to foster a long-lasting relationship between the young warriors and the Tide Mill, hoping they feel a space for them there.“

It is also hoped that the Eco Warrior Workshops will rebuild the number of school visits to those prior to the pandemic and broaden the age range of school visitors.

John Carrington, Chair of Trustees comments “Environmental change is one of the most important issues affecting the world. The Tide Mill is in a special geographic location to be able to demonstrate both the changes in the environment via our new weather centre and the power of renewable energy via the mill itself and the new water driven micro generator. Involving schools in our work will visibly demonstrate the changes and the opportunities linked to climate change. It will help understanding by the students involved."

 Eco Warriors photo Simon Ballard 14 12 22 6859

Eco Warriors. Photo Credit: Simon Ballard

Eco Warriors photo Simon Ballard 14 12 22 6910

Eco Warriors. Photo Credit: Simon Ballard