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Keep up to date with all the latest news in Woodbridge

Congratulations to our Fairtrade For Woodbridge team on gaining Fairtrade accreditation!

Woodbridge has become a Fairtrade Town once again and has been awarded the Fairtrade Community status.

Fairtrade For Woodbridge is a voluntary group of people living in the Woodbridge area in Suffolk. Its objectives are to increase awareness of Fairtrade and work to make Woodbridge a Fairtrade Community.  'Fairtrade Community' is an official title awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation to towns, cities, villages or boroughs that have met certain criteria regarding the use and awareness of Fairtrade.

If you are a retailer who is currently stocking Fairtrade products in Woodbridge, please get in touch and Fairtrade For Woodbridge will be happy to add you to the list they are currently putting together for their website. Similarly, if you own a shop or another business in Woodbridge and are thinking about stocking Fairtrade products, they will be happy to hear from you. Email:

If you are interested in helping co-ordinate Fairtrade activities in the area, please contact

We are sure to see more of their activities in the near future, which you can stay up to date with on their website: